Domain name services

We offer companies domain name services for both their websites and emails. Please contact our sales team for more information.

In order to work, a domain requires a maintained server. The domain name server is responsible for the maintenance of the domain name forwarding and re-registrations. We maintain the domain’s name server on your behalf. We offer the following domain name services:

  • DomainPark – For domain names that you may use for an unspecified purpose at a later date. We maintain the domain name on our name servers and keep it reserved to the client.
  • Domain Redirect – We maintain an existing website or email service on our name servers, while the services reside elsewhere.
  • Domain Secondary – Several domains can be added as an additional service. Our server can be a secondary, or backup, name server, or a separate name of a domain maintained by us which directs to the same destination.

Technical information about domain name registration.

We register domain names with the following extensions:

There are also numerous other extensions for a variety of purposes; the list of these is maintained by international registrars and ICANN.

All domains mentioned above are maintained by Prog-It on reliable and servers that use professional FusionLayer Inc (previously Nixu) software. Please contact us at before directing your domain services to these servers – we’ll be happy to help you.

If you want to report a domain problem or unwanted traffic to your network, we use an abuse address as specified by You will, however, receive a reply quicker if you contact the support address above.